Sunday, June 10, 2007

Time Management

The Power Of Time Management Training

The goal of time management is to use your time more wisely. As you become more proficient with time management, you will be able to accomplish daily tasks with ease and you will feel better about yourself. The problem usually arises, not because you have too much to do, but rather, because of the way you manage your time. In today’s world, there are a lot of distractions out there that allow you to divert your attention to things that are more fun to do.

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myRay ::: Dr Michael Benjamin Mb.Ch.B. BSc. said...

Time managing is but one aspect of coping.
We all cope in accordance with our coping styles. Coping styles are partially innate and partially acquired. Coping styles are the tool box containing, thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviour. Coping styles are more than that. They are also the blue print dictating how they all interact with each other. Coping styles are us and we are them.
Unfortunately 20% of the population is going to suffer from anxiety or depression.
We know who they are. They are the people with poor coping styles. They are driven, not just ‘time hungry’. They are forever ‘doing and never really ‘being’.
I believe that we can change our coping styles relatively easily. In doing so we do more than prevent anxiety and depression. We improve quality of life. That cannot be a bad thing.
I base this firm conviction on 38 years clinical experience as a Psychiatrist.
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With kindest regards
Dr. Michael Benjamin