Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Your Soul's compass

Is there such a thing as spiritual guidance that directs us to our best self individually and collectively?

How can we tell if it's really wisdom from the Divine or just our ego talking?

In preparing their new book, Your Soul's Compass: What Is Spiritual Guidance, renowned speaker and women's health and spirituality consultant Joan Borysenko and human development expert Gordon Dveirin sought out many of today's celebrated spiritual leaders and luminaries for the answers. In Your Soul's Compass, you'll meet swamis and yogis, monks and nuns, poets and psychologists of varied philosophies and faiths who believe that the closer we get to our "true nature," the more we will move into alignment with the larger currents of wisdom that are available to us.

And when you purchase this profound and powerful book—Your Soul's Compass, you'll receive a host of bonus gifts to help you move further along on your path to a spiritually guided life.

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Do you ever have the ecstatic moment when you feel as if you're in the right place at the right time?

Do you remember the exquisite sense of being in love—when you're "home" in your partner's arms, perfectly content and fully present?

Can you think of a time when you felt so connected while working diligently on a particular problem or project that new ideas and solutions suddenly started coming to your mind?

When you're at home in yourself, centred in some essential kernel of what it is to be human, you feel connected to a greater wholeness—a higher intelligence. Sometimes we don't even know where we are, much less where we're going, or perhaps we fall into despair or confusion, but when we're willing to look for wisdom or God, we finally discover that it was looking for us all along.

It pulls us toward it as inexorably as iron filings are drawn to a magnet. That's how your Soul's Compass works.

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In Your Soul's Compass, Joan and Gordon gathered the immense wisdom from these wise and respected spiritual teachers through personal interviews and present this powerful information so that you can use your own soul's compass to guide you home to your Source of Being.

"A hummingbird headed from Colorado for a winter sojourn in Mexico usually doesn't find itself in Chicago by mistake. Its guidance system is hardwired for precision. Many mystics believe that human beings have just such a built-in guidance system that takes us home."

When you read Your Soul's Compass, you'll discover how to:
Listen for and recognize spiritual guidance when it comes to you
Distinguish between authentic guidance and less reliable impulses
Become an awake, compassionate and purposeful human being
Avoid all blocks and stay connected to the Universe and your Source of Wisdom

Utilize your Divine guidance to transform the world

"The world is divided, and we are divided within ourselves. Only truth can reconcile us—the truth of our shared humanity beneath the superficial differences that separate us, the truth of our sublime human potential. But how do we find it? That's what Your Soul's Compass is all about."

Remember, you can't consult a cosmic Dear Abby or conduct a universal Google search to find spiritual guidance. Only Your Soul's Compass will lead you there! Purchase your copy today! And remember you'll also get amazing bonus gifts just for ordering:

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