Wednesday, December 26, 2007

See the movie that is changing the world!

Introducing the First-Ever Film on Self-Help Icon and Affirmations Pioneer~ Louise L. Hay ~

What if you are creating your life story with the very thought you are thinking right now?

Many people have changed their lives—turning financial ruin into abundant prosperity, transforming troubling relationships into loving bonds, and even healing what experts called untreatable diseases. These people aren't scholars, scientists, prophets, or millionaires.

They're just like you and me—everyday people who face heavy challenges throughout their lives—whether it's our jobs, our families, or our inner selves. How did they do it? They discovered the wisdom of self-help pioneer Louise Hay and learned how to use the power of a single thought.

Now it's your turn!

Louise Hay—compassionate teacher, renowned author, and much loved founder of Hay House—will teach you how to create your future in the first-ever film about her extraordinary life and amazing life work in You Can Heal Your Life: The Movie.

Watch the trailer of Louise's movie!

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