Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Think Right Now

Many of you are very familiar with Mike Brescia and ThinkRight Now's line of Accelerated Success ConditioningPrograms.

They are phenomenal products that use thetechnology developed by the famed psychotherapist GeorgiLozanov that allowed people to learn information from 5 to10 times faster than normal teaching methods.

And so you may already be aware that these programs actually teach you the unconscious empowering thought patterns found in people who are the best at a variety of different life disciplines.

In other words, they don't just give you information and leave you on your own. No, they actually install the knowledge into your long-term memory. So you actually learn to think on a moment-by-moment basis like the people you want to be like, so you automatically make similar decisions and thus, get similar results.

Plus, the whole process is the model of simplicity.

The success stories they've got are absolutely astounding. And the REALLY interesting part today is that Think RightNow is running a 3 day sale.

All their Think Right Now and Instant Inner Power programs are 20% off until Thursday at 2pm U.S. Eastern Time.

If you want to experience some truly profound positive change in your life and you love saving money, you should check it out now.

To save 20% on all Think Right Now programs, go here:- http://www.consultpivotal.com/Athinkrightnow.htm

To save 20% on all Instant Inner Power programs, go here:- http://www.consultpivotal.com/Ainstantinnerpower.htm

And remember, on Thursday at 2pm U.S. Eastern Time, they are shutting off the discounts, no exceptions.

I recommend you find out about these products now and use them. I have some of their programs and I love them.

I believe you will love them, too.

Especially since you'll be saving 20%.

All the best,


P.S. Remember, this sale ends this Thursday (Feb 7th) at 2pm
U.S. Eastern Time.

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