Friday, November 14, 2008

Can you have wealth AND harmony?

Are you frustrated because you still are not reaching your goals of wealth, freedom and joyous relationships...even though you've been meditating, visualizing and attracting? Do you secretly suspect there’s a conflict between creating wealth and serving the world as a spiritual being?

You are not alone. We start out with a dream of abundance. We're told to follow our bliss. We listen to the gurus. We want a reason to look forward to Monday morning, escape from tyranny of the alarm clock, and of course millions of dollars in our bank accounts.

Instead we are still earning below our potential, struggling with jobs that seem to go nowhere, torn apart by one crisis after another.

In fact, some of us are secretly starting to wonder, "Is there really a secret behind The Secret? Why does everything have to be so hard?"

What we're missing is a single key fact:

We've been chasing money, not attracting Harmonic Wealth.,9fmk,fnm,b27k,1gxk,402o,b8l

That's right. We expect all our problems to be solved with money in the bank. So we work on just one element of our lives. We push. We struggle. We focus. We tell ourselves we're visualizing. But nothing happens. We know something BIG is missing...but what?

In his revolutionary new book, HARMONIC WEALTH, James Arthur Ray shares the secret behind The Secret: Truly wealthy individuals experience harmony that comes from integrating all parts of their lives.

John Assaraf, author of Having It All and founder of OneCoach, Inc., calls this book “a must-read for anyone who is ready to accept that a clear and unbending intention is necessary to success, HARMONIC WEALTH shows readers how to create outrageous results ... now!”
James Arthur Ray introduces a new definition of what's spiritual. You don't have to be Mother Teresa. In fact, it helps if you're as wealthy as Bill Gates or as athletic as LeBron Jones. You stop thinking of money as sinful (and learn a new way to interpret that saying about "getting a camel through the needle's eye"). The new reality (which may shock you): it's pretty darn hard to be spiritual without some money.

“This revolutionary book will change your life . . . if you let it!” says Hale Dwoskin, author of New York Times Best Seller The Sedona Method.

HARMONIC WEALTH demystifies the principles behind real wealth.,9fmk,fnm,b27k,1gxk,402o,b8l

Everyone should be able to reach Harmonic Wealth. But without the right mentor, if you just apply the TV sound bite version of the Law of Attraction, you'll just become tired and maybe even less wealthy than when you started.

James Arthur Ray draws from his own experience. Less than 7 years ago, he lost all his money and his closest relationship all at once. He stopped enjoying the work that had brought him fame, prestige and success. To pay the bills, he had to sell off most of his possessions – including his dream house (with his beloved custom-built library). He nearly cried as he handed over the keys.

James went on a quest to answer the question, “What went wrong? What should I do now?” He studied with spiritual leaders (starting with a Peruvian shaman and a Hawaiian Kahuna). And he drew on his experience as a top sales rep for AT&T.

When you buy Harmonic Wealth, you get proven action steps that are practical and easy to implement - the same steps that catapulted James Arthur Ray from being broke, alone and miserable to a home in Hawaii, a skyrocketing business and gigs with Oprah and Larry King Live.

James’s message is so important that I wanted to share it with you right away. His book deserves an important place in your library of spiritual development.

James doesn’t promise a quick fix. But if you apply what he teaches here, your life will be completely transformed in the next 12 months.,9fmk,fnm,b27k,1gxk,402o,b8l

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