Monday, December 29, 2008

How To Be More Creative

Is being creative something that can be taught? That’s a question without a simple yes or no answer. The more I experience in life and grow as an artist and writer the more I try and put into concrete terms what conditions are necessary for the best moments of clarity and inspiration. Creativity may not be able to be taught directly, but what I am getting better at is frequently aligning the circumstances of life which foster the greatest chances for true creative expression.

Pushing yourself for greater productivity in your art or your profession is great and you shouldn’t stop that - but perhaps equally important is putting your life on a path of being a true creative to achieve absolutely unique results. There isn’t nearly as much value in doing things slightly different than have already been done versus doing things which are truly unique to you. I’d like to share a few philosophies on life I have that may help you in producing the most creative results.

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